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Lisa is a thought leader who is passionate about people achieving their potential. Everyone has something great to contribute to this world and they can’t do this if they are hampered by their thoughts or their environment.

Given work is a big part of people’s lives it provides a great opportunity for allowing this expression of purpose via contribution to the organisation however somewhere along the way work can become antagonistic to potential instead of an advocate.

Lisa started her working life with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education, taught for some years while studying her Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. It was while working as a dietitian that Lisa became more interested in what motivated people to change and what were the things that get in the way of people achieving their full potential. Although she is still passionate about health as a vehicle to allow peak performance and potential realisation it has taken a back seat to a much more powerful premise.

“In order to reach my full potential I shifted my focus to the science behind motivation and the situations, support and thinking that allow people to fulfil their potential. What I have discovered is this is not just about education or social connectedness it’s about providing the environment that allows you to *“dare greatly” and this is about empathy, support and trust.”

In the spirit of contribution Lisa has been a media spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association for 6 years and has written two books geared toward teaching people how to be sustainably healthy to reach their full potential. Her first book ‘Body Warfare’ is aimed at adults- teaching people how to overcome hang ups with food and how to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle and her second book ‘Diet Proof your Kids’ is aimed at parents, teaching them the importance of being a great role model so their kids can reach their full potential without the stifling nature of diets and eating disorders to hold them back.

*“Dare greatly” is a term coined by Brene’ Brown a social worker, research professor, speaker and author.


Diet Proof Your Kids

Diet Proof Your Kids - Lisa Renn

Body Warfare

Body Warfare - Lisa Renn