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Bring Back The Love


Where is the enjoyment in that?  Have we gone crazy that we could even think that replacing eating with supplements was a good idea?  Do we assume that in order to be healthy that it’s bad to enjoy eating?

Bring Back The Love - Lisa Renn

 It’s reminds me of the assumptions people make about their work or their staff- it’s not possible to enjoy work and staff will always cause headaches.

What’s happened?

These are things that most people do every day and we don’t expect or allow ourselves enjoyment.

What we need:

  • Re-education: there is too much new food information and too much reliance on the old style of management. Food needs to go back to the old dogma of everything in moderation and work needs to lose its old style of dealing with people. It is possible to get people involved in and enjoying their work and it is possible to eat normal food and be healthy- we are currently doing things the wrong way round.
  • Re-learning: remembering what we love and getting in touch with how to re-kindle the spark and natural intuition we have about what’s good for us and what we are good at. The current environment is a killer of confidence and common sense.
  • Re-alignment with the things that are important to us: you gotta work and you gotta eat and there is a way to bring the pleasure back to both. When people are determined to be miserable they sell themselves short on confidence and motivation to contribute to something worthwhile as the focus becomes on what you don’t like or what you are doing wrong- possibility is limited.

The good news is you can bring back the love with some re-focus – the bad news is that it’s hard to know what you don’t know and it’s hard to change what you believe to be right. If you’ve lost the love around your health or your staff and need a fresh perspective I’d be happy to help bring it back.