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Relationships and Growth

It got me thinking about taking action, stepping out of your comfort zone and why this takes a supportive environment. The community at Thought Leaders Business School is one of amazing inspiration, if you are there and witnessing people do incredibly things to progress their business success you can’t help but be motivated to do the same thing- either you do or you will just sit there and be embarrassed!

The other great part of this community is empathy- people get what you are trying to achieve and they share their own stuff ups and ways of trying new things. If you aren’t succeeding but are keeping on going this is applauded too and it’s recognised that it’s not an easy process.
So there expectation, support and empathy which allows for vulnerability, growth and failure.

What is the environment in your workplace supporting? Is it one where greatness is supported and modelled or is it one where contribution is risky and failure is ridiculed.

Expectations are an important part of growth and change:

Are expectations clear? Is the process for great contribution understood? You may think initiative is dead- but if it is then, as a manager, there is even more need to say what you are after.

Have you written someone off as not likely to contribute again and stopped making an effort to connect? If so that’s what you’ll get in return. It’s pretty easy to see that we can direct other people’s actions by our own attitude towards them, particularly if it’s something they feel vulnerable about already.

If you are a ‘loser’ then there is no expectation to do anything great. If you are ‘lazy’ then you never have to try to exercise. If you are a ‘liar’ then what’s the point of telling the truth. If you consider yourself ‘dumb’ then why would you put forward your ideas? Whether you have labelled yourself or someone has made the label for you it’s most likely the individual will grow nicely into that label. By saving labels for outcomes or actions rather than people you can make the environment safer for contribution and progress.