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Celebrate the Small Stuff

It’s easy to get stuck in the slog without any celebration and this is where the problem lies.

There needs to be balance between expectation- reality and wins – setbacks and celebration. If all you are doing is striving forward, focusing on what you are not achieving, without time to stop and enjoy some success then it’s likely the mountain seems pretty enormous. Throw some comparison with other more successful people and the picture gets even worse.

“Mirth and merriment … bars a thousand harms and lengthens life” (Shakespeare).

In his book ‘The Game Changer’ Dr Jason Fox suggests in order to keep motivation up make progress visible. The obvious progress for weight loss and business success is kilograms and dollars but what if you are not getting the result you want? How do you look for other motivators or markers of progress or success when all you really want is the thing you are not getting enough of?

While writing this post I learnt something new (thank you Matt Church) which may resonate with others. That’s the difference between high achievers and over-achievers. I was writing about high achievers never being satisfied and always raising the bar when in fact that is an over- achiever. A high achiever is someone who is able to recognise when they have done their best and celebrate it, an over-achiever keeps expecting more so nothing is really an achievement of note.

When you are playing the infinite game of business or even trying to improve your health it’s so important to celebrate small wins along the way as a measure of progress and to keep your motivation up.

Research suggests that experiences of positive emotions, like a celebration or even an affirmation, ‘serves to build your enduring personal resources, ranging from physical and intellectual resources to social and psychological resources.’

How do you celebrate success when it doesn’t feel like there is any?

  • Compare yourself or your position to where you were when you started. How far have you come?
    Set mini-goals and create a celebration or reward for getting there. One blogger suggested to buy charms or add to a collection to celebrate your small wins.
  • If you have a mentor tell them how you are going or feeling and get them to help you reflect on your progress.
  • Remind yourself that progress isn’t perfect.
  • Keep an achievement journal as it’s a tangible list rather than relying on you to remember to recognise your achievements.
  • Positive affirmations- remind yourself of your progress daily.

Celebrating small wins keeps you energised and provides the sense of progress you need to keep chasing success.


Lisa Renn is an expert in motivation and high performance she coaches executives to maintain their energy, productivity and balance which benefits both business and personal lives. Interested? Send Lisa an email to find out more details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.