Peak Performance

Need to step up to achieve greater gains in business performance?

Is someone in your team holding back instead of stepping up, and you know they are capable of more? Creating this type of change on your own is not easy, especially if business needs you to step up now. Lisa helps employees, business owners and executives to remove limiting beliefs to achieving peak performance and fulfilling potential.

Most people have  self-imposed limitations and this means they never achieve the great things they desire and are capable of.

Working with Lisa has enabled me to gain a sense of control and balance through my hectic work demands. Attending to my health is no longer a concern as it’s part of my routine. I have more energy and my capacity to function and reason in the most stressful situations has been amplified. Being incredibly busy is no longer a reason not to look after myself.

Heather Harrison, General Manager Advanced Skin Technology

It’s been six months since completing my executive health coaching with Lisa and what I’ve found is that I have a new sense of control around my health which positively impacts on my work productivity. The changes we worked on meant long-term habits were re-established so now worrying about my health doesn’t interfere with my ability to work hard or enjoy my life- in fact the balance I’ve created with work, health and life means I’m thriving in all areas.'

Tamara Lloyd, Principal at Ray White Croydon

Since focussing on my diet, exercise and head space I have enjoyed  increased concentration, increased quality of work outcomes, increased productivity, I’m feeling  less sluggish, have better coping skills in very high stress situations and have been better able to keep on top of a range of conflicting priorities and demands.'

Dale is a self- employed contractor and found the focus on improving his health had immense benefits to his professional and personal life.

Lisa offers a six-month coaching package guaranteed to get your head in the game, understand and remove limiting beliefs and get your health on track so you can step up to the great things that you want to achieve.