Keeping great talent and tapping the potential within existing team members is achieved by high performing organisations. Maximum productivity and  great customer service is provided by people who are intrisically motivated by the work they do.

If you understand that profit is driven by the people within your organisation and you need help to reinvigorate your team or address a high staff retention issue please be in touch.  Lisa helps organisations become market leaders through programs which teach managers how to foster potential within their team.

Creating People Leaders

Lisa Renn - Creating Better People Leaders

Soft stuff traditionally has no place in the manufacturing industry. However, the research is clear that engaged staff have a great connection with their manager and this relationship either fosters greatness or encourages mediocrity.

To get the innovation, productivity and engagement from staff that is needed to thrive in the future of manufacturing, next generation leaders needs to care, listen and support.

Lisa runs workshops and coaching programs to teach managers the power of empathy to tap into the well of experience, expertise and motivation that is inherently in their work force when the outside appearance is one of jadedness or a revolving door of high staff turnover.

Lisa also consults to organisations about the untapped potential occupying the work place and facilitates staff events to uncover hidden talents.

Tapping Talent Potential

Lisa Renn Tapping Talent in your Oganisation

It’s not hard to find an untapped or unloved employee. Research has shown that 76% of the Australian workforce is not engaged in their work. When the focus of business is firmly on profit, the human potential can be forgotten.

When the pressure is on to do more with less manager’s stress levels increase due to poor performance, low motivation and high turnover. However, the solution lies in an area that has been under-utilised by the manufacturing industry. Those that take the leap of faith to upskill managers in the softer skills required to create an engaged work force will reap the benefits in the future world of manufacturing.

Lisa facilitates training programs for staff designed to tap into what type of project lights them up, how their skills are currently being utilised and uses this information to inform management of improvements to make the organisation a market leader, using the power of an engaged workforce.

Understanding staff talents and providing opportunities to use this potential is the most effective way to intrinsically motivate and engage your workforce.

“Staff engagement is so much more than social connection. Engagement is about providing work that uses the talents that lights people up -  meaning people are compelled to excel as it taps into the stuff that drives them.”

Work Place Wellness

Lisa Renn - Workplace Wellness

Organisations that care about employee wellness are putting the icing on the employee engagement cake. This demonstrates and creates loyalty however the benefits work in both directions.

Employees see the organisation cares for their health and wellbeing which improves loyalty and the organisation benefits from staff who have less sick days are work more productively when they are there.

Businesses that have implemented programs enjoy:

  • Improvements in employee moral
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Less organisational conflict
  • More productive work force
  • Improved employee decision-making ability.

Companies effectively running wellness programs had 2.5 times improved employee performance, 8 times higher employee engagement and 3.5 times higher innovation and creativity on the job. (2009 Australian research)

Soft skills and health may not have had a place in a manufacturing businesses of the past however the future of manufacturing depends on engaged employees