Lisa speaks about motivation, engagement and potential and how using empathy allows you to not only reach your own potential but to inspire others to reach theirs. When you understand the particular elements of a working relationship that  create the environment where people are encouraged and motivated to use their talents the result is engaged staff and reduced turnover. Engaged team members create better business outcomes.

Staff Engagement

The Great Divide – what talent wants and what’s on offer

The Great Divide - What Talent Wants and What's On Offer

 It’s the bane of many organisations either your staff get more excited the closer the clock gets to 5pm or you invest a lot of time, money and effort into keeping people engaged only to have them leave. Most people start off motivated when they start in a new position and get excited by the possibilities their contribution can make so what happens to turn this passion off? Lisa explains what keeps people motivated and the optimal environment in which this occurs.

You’ll learn:

The meaning of life and why it matters

Why engagement is more than Friday night drinks and staff surveys

Why employees don’t stay self-motivated

Perfect for:

Audiences who desire to fully engage existing and future staff and to understand the organisational conditions needed to achieve this.


Soft is the new hard edge for high performing businesses

Leadership - Lead Like a Girl

Managers can no longer just rely on great technical prowess; to lead a team requires exceptional emotional intelligence as well.  The relationship a manager has with their team determines not only if they will stay but how comfortable they are to innovate and contribute. Lisa outlines the skills and environment needed to foster greatness. 

You’ll learn:

Why relationships are more important than money

Why soft skills keep staff engaged and increase performance

How being vulnerable makes you inspirational

Perfect for:

Audiences who want to address staff retention and performance deficits in order to decrease stress in the leadership team and lift staff engagement.

All Fired Up!

Creating Peak Performance

Using Health as a Client Attraction Strategy

Create the environment that fosters transformation in how your people work- get your employees energised by their work and engaged with your organisation.

This interactive session seeks to:

  • Identify opportunities, problems and solutions
  • Provides a wealth of relevant ideas for innovation and improvement to your current systems
  • Get people working together to achieve organisational and team goals as well as stepping up for more responsibility.

Perfect for:

Organisations and businesses looking to transform their workplace into one that that uses talents, skill and ideas from the bottom up.